Viviane Hamy

French Publishing company created in 1990 by Viviane Hamy. They publish around 12 tewts a year, and notably those of  Léon Werth, François Vallejo, Magda Szabó, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Fred Vargas, Dominique Sylvain, Antonin Varenne, Goliarda Sapienza, Cécile Coulon.

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The Golden Notebook

Doris May Lessing - Publisher : Viviane Hamy

The Golden Notebook is the story of writer Anna Wulf, the four notebooks in which she records her life, and her attempt to tie them together in a fifth, gold-coloured, notebook. The book intersperses segments of an ostensibly realistic narrative of the lives of Molly and Anna, and their children, ex-husbands and lovers—entitled Free Women—with excerpts from Anna's four notebooks, coloured...
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To not die of boredom


To my sister or brother

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