Library of Emotions©

One of a kind libraries, where books are presented according to emotions, or other themes. Adaptable to any location and available in 3 formats. 100% recyclable in solid, high-end cardboard. Made in France.

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A custom-made library adapted to your space, where books are presented according to emotions. Entirely conceived by Love for Livres and assembled directly in your chosen space. A must!

In kit

Ideal if you already have a library in your structure. 6 modules in the colors of the emotions adapted to the dimensions of your furniture. A selection of books as an option. Simple and effective!

In Cubes

Great option if you are short on space. Modular, adaptable to any space, and can be placed on a piece of furniture in your workspace. Irresistible!

Thematic libraries

You prefer a library on the theme of your activity or stakes? It is possible too! We build it for you and we choose the books that go with it if you wish. A tailor-made library, ideal for sharing, communicating and creating bonds in your locations. An original creation!

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