The project

Reading can make a difference to your life. Yet there are many obstacles to reading: social determinism, the appeal for other media and HTML content, omnipresence of screens, the difficulty of finding the right book, lack fo time. At Love for Livres, we invent innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles and share the power of reading with as many people as possible.

Our mission

Every day, Love for Livres conveys to as many people as possible the desire to read stories for a better life: be the best version of ourselves and positively transform our professional and personal experiences.

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Our values

Generosity: nothing too much, but everything you need. Passion, or nothing at all. Imagination, because stories open up all possibilities. Methodological and scientific rigor for ever greater impact.

How do we make the difference ?


We make reading accessible and inclusive through online and live services for as many people as possible.
Measurable impact

Thanks to our specific indicator, the KEI, our training and experiments, we ensure that our impact is not theoretical but real and measurable.
Social cohesion

We highlight the powers of reading for well-being and emancipation.

Our unique algorithm combines contributions from language sciences, cognitive sciences and emotions to offer content adapted to each reader.

A multidisciplinary team, focused on impact

Experts in 3 domains : literature, cognitive sciences, tech. A network of experienced bibliotherapists in support of the team.

« Literature is proof that life is not enough. »

Fernando Pessoa

They talk about us

They trust us

Companies, associations, places of care, education places, local authorities, they have placed their trust in us.



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