The book of disquiet

Fernando Pessoa

Publisher :Serpent's Tail

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From Publishers Weekly: when Pessoa died in 1935, a few years short of 50, he left behind a trunk of mostly unpublished writing in a variety of languages his Lisbon publishers and variously translators are still sifting them. This perpetually unclassifiable and unfinished book of self-reflective fragments was first published in Portuguese in 1982, and it is arguably Pessoa's masterpiece. Pessoa often wrote as various personae Disquiet is no exception, being putatively the work of Bernardo Soares, assistant bookkeeper in the city of Lisbon. Thus it is impossible to ascribe the book's anti-humanist logophilia directly to the author: I weep over nothing that life brings or takes away, but there are pages of prose that have made me cry. That is just one of many permutations of similar sentiments, but the genius of Pessoa and his personae is that readers are left weighing each and every such sentence for sincerity and truth value.

Before sleep


To my friends

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