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Here, discover the first books search engine based on emotions.

Supporting transformation of organizations and individuals

In today's stressful, multi-crisis technological world, reading is an asset for successfully transforming organizations and individuals. Ideal for strengthening our psychosocial skills, don't miss out on its superpowers!


You are an association, a local authority, a library or a place of care?

Training in soft skills and emotional intelligence

Progress through reading and the latest research in cognitive science. Be supported by qualified, highly ethical professionals. Over 150 workshops in 7 countries. Average satisfaction rating: 9/10. Average satisfaction rating: 9/10.

Love for Livres Academy
You are a healthcare professional, HR, coaching or consulting professional, librarian or cultural practitioner and you need training in bibliotherapy to integrate it into your practice? Then you've come to the right place.
Workshops and programs
In groups or individually, formations and programs combining reading and cognitive sciences to develop soft skills. An innovative, entertaining and learning experience.

Thematic libraries

Unique physical libraries where books are presented according to emotions or other themes to suit your needs.

The project

Every day,inspiring as many people as possible to read for a better life.


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