The project

“My salvation was reading, reading good books, taking refuge in those worlds where life was glorious, intense, one adventure after another, where I could feel free and be happy again.”

Mario Vargas Llosa - In Praise of Reading and Fiction


Love for livres is the first social network to search and share books through emotions.


The idea was born several years ago. Passionate about books, we are convinced that reading fiction is powerful.

It is anti-stress, stimulating for the mind, excellent for imagination and altruism, captivating for attention.

It also generates serotonin, often called the happiness hormone.

We are not the only ones to think so; many studies support it.


Books allow us to push the walls of our lives, to project ourselves from unknown situations, to develop our relationships with others, and to dream! Reading a book is an unforgettable experience.


Still today, reading is not the most valued activity among other entertainment media.

It is not the easy to access either.

It is not easy to find books that meet our desires among the thousands of existing references and experts’ opinions.

These experts describe and review books, but they are not interested in you, readers! Love for Livres is about what you want, feel, what makes you want to read.


Love for Livres returns to the happiness of essential reading: our shared emotions.





Our emotions, our books


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