Corporate, publishers, partners

We offer several types of services for companies, publishers and institutional partners:


* Customer loyalty programs through books and emotions, connected to the issues of your brand.

A book is a positive, inexpensive object, which will always please.


* Libraries of emotions: original concept created by Love for Livres; libraries in which books are presented according to emotions via kits of carefully crafted objects (stickers, dedicated bookmarks, masking tapes, etc.). For your business locations.


* New literary and creative events or reading clubs


* Support to define the KEI (Key emotion indicator) of your brand and measure your emotional potential with your stakeholders.


* Conferences for your events and seminars, about the notion of narrative, on how to tell the story of your project, or of your company.


* Sponsored articles on the site to improve your visibility.

For publishers specifically:


* The ability to customize a dedicated publisher area on the site with your latest news.

* Advice on your communication

* Moderation of reader groups to test your creative and commercial approaches

* Events about your books and reading emotions


For any quote or partnership request:


Three rules of conduct:

Be fair about the price,

Do what we know well,

And focus on what we love to do.


Finally, the authors can also contact us for any exchange.





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