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Quartet Books is a leading independent publisher with a fine tradition of pursuing an alternative to mainstream. Quartet was incorporated in a blaze of idealism and innovation. Its four founders – Ken Banerji, John Boothe, William Miller and Brian Thompson – had all been executives within Granada publishing. In September 1972, they joined forces in order to attempt something new and ambitious in the world on publishing.

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Froth of the daydream

Boris Vian - Publisher : Quartet Books

The story of Colin, madly in love with Chloé and whose close friend Chick is always missing money. One day, Chloé reveals that she has a nenuphar in the lungs. From that day on, their lives are going to change…A rare text on love, time, religion and the way relationships are built.
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For the week-ends


For all

Easy to read

Classic modern

Less than 10$

A few hours

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Lost memory of skin

Russell Banks - Publisher : Quartet Books

Publisher presentation:Uncompromising and complex, Lost Memory of Skin is the story of The Kid, a young sex offender recently released from prison and forced to live beneath a South Florida causeway. When The Professor, a man of enormous intellect and appetite, takes The Kid under his wing, his own startling past will cause upheavals in both of their worlds. At once lyrical, witty, and disturbing,...
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To not die of boredom


To my friends

fairly easy to read


Less than 10$

A few days

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