Alice Munro

Publisher :Vintage Books

Key Emotion Indicator

There are eight short stories in the book. Three of the stories (Chance, Soon, and Silence) are about a single character named Juliet Henderson.Runaway – a woman is trapped in a bad marriage.Chance – Juliet takes a train trip which leads to an affair.Soon – Juliet visits her parents with her child Penelope.Silence – Juliet hopes for news from her adult estranged daughter Penelope.Passion – A lonely small town girl flees a passionless relationship with an outsider.Trespasses – Lauren, a young girl, meets an older woman, Delphine, who is too interested in her.Tricks – Robin, a lonely girl, lives life alone due to bad luck and misinterpretation.Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013.

In the metro, train, bus


To my female lover

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