Wang Anyi

Wang Anyi (born 6 March 1954) is a Chinese writer. The daughter of renowned writer Ru Zhijuan, Wang is considered a leading figure in contemporary Chinese literature. She has been vice-chair of China Writers Association since 2006, and professor in Chinese Literature at Fudan University since 2004. Wang's stories are frequently set in her hometown Shanghai, and David Der-wei Wang has called her the new successor to the Shanghai School. Wang also regularly writes about the countryside in Anhui, where she was sent down during the Cultural Revolution.

the song of everlasting sorrow

Wang Anyi - Publisher : Columbia University Press

Publisher presentation: set in post-World War II Shanghai, The Song of Everlasting Sorrow follows the adventures of Wang Qiyao, a girl born of the longtong, the crowded, labyrinthine alleys of Shanghai's working-class neighborhoods.Infatuated with the glitz and glamour of 1940s Hollywood, Wang Qiyao seeks fame in the Miss Shanghai beauty pageant, and this fleeting moment of stardom becomes the...
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Pour tous les jours


To my female lover

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